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Angela McIntyre  1962 - 2016

Hi All

Thank you for reading this my name is Gary Lambert and I need your help to pay for the funeral for the love of my life Angela McIntyre who sadly passed away 28th August 2016, Angela was only 54 years old wen she past away.

My cousin Barry suggested Go Fund Me page to help pay for Angela's funeral it is going to cost £5,000 for a simple burial funeral, including the grave purchase.

That is not including the head stone to go on the grave, any help you can give to me in this tragic circumstances will be gratefully received.

What happened with Angela?

Sunday morning I went to bed and Angela was struggling to get her breath, so I put her on her side so she could breathe easier what I have done before, I was tired, but I was with in two minds to get the ambulance out at that point, I wish I had got the ambulance out, when I woke up 3 hours later I could not hear her breeding, so I called the ambulance out, and while I was waiting for them the women on the phone talked me through CPR

I am kicking myself for not getting the ambulance out wen I went to bed, the paramedics said there was nothing I could have done!

Everyone says i should not blame myself, but I do!

And I am hurting something rotten, for not getting the ambulance out.

I have been crying my eyes out, I cleaned out the corner shop of tishoos to blow my nose with.

Lorraine Cameron has set up a Go Fund Me page to help with the funeral costs.

Please please help! Any donation will be appreciated however small!

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